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Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's A Beautiful Morning

I walked into Atenas this morning and, along the way, admired a field full of fat cattle knee deep in grass, patted an orange cat, wondered if I should buy some jacotes from the roadside vendor, and tried to get two lazy hound pups to come over to me for a pat. Said "good morning" to lots of people.

Jacotes are small fruit that have a taste like a combination of apple, pear and mango. Didn't buy them this time.

After I finished my banking business, went to the newly opened "Crema y Nata" pasteleria which is right beside Pops ice cream shop. Both stores are kitty-corner to the park on Avenida 1. I had heard great things about their products and bought two small cakes to take home. Saw six bagels that I should have grabbed because they go fast. Crema y Nata also have a stand at our feria on Fridays.

Taxied home and had a wonderful swim in our neighbor's pool. It was like diving into a cool spring - so refreshing. Part of the pool was shaded by an enormous windmill palm and dragonflies were hovering and diving down to the water.


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