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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Well Digging In Atenas

Apparently, a well is being dug in our park in order to supply water to all the park's trees and palms. That is what I have been told anyway.

Here is a photo I took this morning of the drilling rig. It's been there for about a week. There must be a lot of rock to drill through.



Bill Wickson said...

Thanks Diana. I have read your whole blog now, as I live in Vancouver, so it was quite interesting to go back to the beginning and jot down some good tips. I wanted to ask one question. You discussed going to the bank, but I never got a sense of how you actually can transfer your money from Canada each month into a Costa Rican bank account. Is that something you can explain? Thanks. Bill

Diana Miskell said...

Hi Bill ... thank you for reading my blog and nice to hear it has been some help to you. We do not have bank accounts here. We do not own property so really no need for an account. We simply use the bank's ATM and withdraw, from our Canadian bank accounts, either colones or US dollars and use them as we want here. It appears that people who own property here (houses/cars/land) have a corporation own the property instead of themselves personally. The theory is that that somehow insulates them from personal liability if things go badly wrong. But, I am not so sure. Ultimately, if it is an issue, you need to talk to a trustworthy lawyer in CR.