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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eyes on Costa Rica - a Continuation

This follows my blog entry of last October. The number of identifiable countries or quasi countries from where people have visited this blog has risen to 95 from the mid 80’s. The newest include Guatemala, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Iceland, Guernsey, Lithuania, Slovenia, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa.

In addition, there have been one or more visits from unidentified locations including “Anonymous Proxy”, “Satellite Provider”, “Asia/Pacific Region” and “Unknown Country”

What we find remarkable is that there are people in so many countries with so many different languages who are drawn towards an English language blog about someone’s experience in Costa Rica. It is a bit embarrassing because our proficiency with the Spanish language remains as a work in progress. If the tables were turned, we would have real difficulty reading a Spanish language blog about experiences in Costa Rica. We could stumble through, but it would take time.

What is even more remarkable is that earlier today (April 1) my husband announced that there was another “unidentifed location”. He said that it had the handle “ISS/UN”. He looked at me dead serious and said that this must be the International Space Station - the letters UN meaning the United Nations. He questioned whether those people orbiting the earth had nothing better to do than surf the Internet. But, it seemed to make sense and I was thrilled. He then reminded me that it was April 1 (April Fools!).

Well, I won't forget that.


jelgueta said...

Please don't call those "quasi contries", I am from Guatemala and it is a country like any other.
Now I'm living in Costa Rica and starting my own blog about this Country in Spanish

Diana Miskell said...

Guatemala is, of course, a country and I did not mean to imply otherwise. In the list provided in this blog entry, the only "quasi country" is Guernsey. In earlier posts, other quasi countries included Curacao, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc. "Quasi countries" are not real countries. They are semi-autonomous constituents of other countries, such as the U.K., Netherlands, U.S.A., etc.