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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Garden Waste Removal

Gardening in the tropics is obviously much different from gardening in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, where we came from.

Fallen palm branches are one garden chore that is certainly different. As the palm trees grow upwards, the lower branches turn brown and drop off. We regularly pick them up and put them in our garden waste pile for collection about twice a month.

We use Mario Vargas, Eco-Decoraciones Jardine, 2446-7201, for our garden trash removal. Recently, we had a huge pile of palm leaves and garden bags and were certain he would need two trips to remove it all. But, no, all of it went in the back of his truck. The garden bags contain grass cuttings and plant trimmings.

Tying down the load.
On their way.




  1. That's quite a mountain! Fast growing tropical nature for sure!!

    1. I guess we should have called Mario sooner rather then later!

  2. yes, it happens. But this is not a difficult work to do. You just need to cut the the lower branches whenever they turn brown.
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  3. We do that too, unless we are feeling too lazy!