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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Costa Rican Coffee

I wish you could smell what I just smelled from a newly opened bag of local coffee ... it's this rich, earthy scent of coffee that has just been brewed and poured into a cup for you to enjoy even before the sun has risen here in Costa Rica.

There is a coffee plantation up in the hills of Vista Atenas, where we live. The coffee workers travel up there in the back of a truck early in the morning and we have been waving to each other for quite a while now. Some day, I will be out there on the road with a hot cup of coffee to salute them for all the work they do so I can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

We can buy all manner of excellent coffee at our local grocery stores. I am trying a new one: Coffee Atenas, the labeling and design on the package of coffee is beautiful. It tells me that 5 generations have been growing and preparing coffee, Atenas has the best climate in the world (I can't argue with that), the coffee was grown by the family of Vargas Rodriguez (I hope I got that right), it is certified to be good inside and believe me, it is.





Niki Meeks said...

We love Ateneo, but I have not tried this one. Next on my list! Thanks:)

Diana Miskell said...

You are welcome, Niki. This brand is good.