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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Barney the Cat Update

Barney - Pre-Nutcracker
I've written previously about Barney the Cat and our attempts to get him to the vet and neutered.

Well, it's probably happening right now as I write this! Neighbors Rose Mary and Tony, co-caretakers of Barney along with us, phoned me earlier today to say Barney was at the vet. They used a cat trap to get him - a wise decision after the way he broke out of our airline approved cat carrier.

Apparently, he was plenty mad - and became even angrier when his cage was set down on the floor at the vet's and a puppy gamboled up to the cage to have a sniff. He comes home tomorrow and I'll tell you how he reacts when let out of the cage.


Don Beal said...

I am renting a house in Puriscal Costa Rica and at my wits end over a feral cat that awakens me at least twice a night with it's hideously loud scream. I have looked all over Puriscal and cannot find a trap. Can you give me a clue where to find one?

Diana said...

Hi Don - I believe our neighbour borrowed a humane trap from a local vet in Atenas. You could also try an animal rescue group. I am assuming you will have the cat neutered - which will stop the hollering and prevent many more unwanted litters - and release it back where you found it or else find it a good home. Neutering is inexpensive here.