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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Walk With Me

Walk with me today from our home in Vista Atenas to the town of Atenas. It's all downhill and will take about 45 minutes. It's a great day for a walk, overcast with a breeze.

East towards Atenas. Highway 3 is on the left.

Restaurante Bar Rill - another popular spot for a good meal - on the south side of Highway 3.


Three doggies having a snooze in a laneway.

I walked across Highway 3 to take this photo of the view facing north. This looks like a mango tree.

Grego's Bar - a good place to meet with friends on Thirsty Thursday nights.

Local pulparia (small grocery store).

Facing north, Highway 3

Bella Vista, newly opened Italian restaurant. Really good pizza and pasta. On the south side of Highway 3.

One of Costa Rica's famous hand painted ox carts.

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If you were going into Atenas, you would turn right here. I was going to the Supermercado Coopeatenas so kept walking straight ahead.

Impatiens plant - they grow wild here, even under sewer grates.

Another road into Atenas.

Soda Dona Elina - we've enjoyed inexpensive and good traditional Tico food here several times.

Atenas' one and only traffic light.

Our one and only gas station, north side of highway 3.

My final destination, the Supermercado Coopatenas,where I picked up a few groceries. Waiting for my taxi when this lovely fellow came over for a pat. In really nice condition.

And that's the end of today's walk. I hope the photos gave you some idea of our lovely town.


Gloria said...

Hi Diana,
I enjoyed the walk with you! Thanks!
By the way, we stopped in the Supermercado Coopatenas on our way out of Atenas after visiting you a few weeks ago. What a great store!

Diana said...

I enjoyed your company too, Gloria! We have a choice of four mercados here with the Supermercado Coopatenas being the most like a North America store. I enjoy shopping at the ones right in town, too - they offer the flavor of Costa Rica and carry the most amazing things. I was shocked when I found Asian rice paper wrappers and I keep buying up their stock.

Jamie said...

Hi Diana - Great posting. I love it when I get to see pictures of Costa Rican towns. Even though, we live here, every village, town and city is different. Thanks for sharing!

PS. Lucky you, we have to drive 15 minutes down a mountain and then 15 minutes into town for the grocery store!!

Diana said...

Thank you, Jamie! Now I have lots of people with me in future when I walk into Atenas. You are so right about every town, etc., having it's own flavour - yet one more reason why I like Costa Rica so much.

I guess you don't walk into your town very often ...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the walk and the pictures!

Diana said...

Thank you, Karen!

Katy Desroches said...

Your town looks nice. It looks so peaceful there. And is that a giant pineapple I see in the 14th picture? That would be so awesome if it was! I’ve never seen any fruit that grew that big!

Katy Desroches

Diana said...

Hi Katy ... yes, Atenas is a lovely, peaceful town. We like it for many reasons. That sure does look like a giant pineapple! I think it must be some kind of succulent plant that has been pruned to look like a pineapple ... if any of my readers know, please help us out! At first I thought it was an agave but think that is wrong.