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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 More Reasons Why I Love Costa Rica

We frequently get vendors at our gate. I've bought shrimp and white fish from the fish guys. Recently, a fellow selling flowering plants showed up and I bought quite a few pretty plants from him. The prices are always good.

Today, a guy selling eggs appeared. I was able to tell him, in Spanish, that my Spanish knowledge was small but we muddled along - I heard him say the eggs were jumbo sized, and they were. I was a bit confused about the price but Lance understood him. I brought out a bowl to put my egg bounty in - was able to count along up until "seven" - and the eggs just kept coming. I ended up with 30 - yes, 30 - big, fat, fresh jumbo eggs. They are beauties.

The price? 2,400 colones or $4.80 CAD - for 30 jumbo eggs!!! Delivered to my door!!  That is like 16 cents an egg.

Furthermore - because there is no way we can eat 30 eggs in good time - I traded a dozen of them with our neighbors Mike and Alina for a half round of local white cheese that was made yesterday. I love this cheese - sliced and fried in a pan with pepper and served on hot toast with lots of butter.

In Canada, we just went to the giant grocery store and bought stuff wrapped in plastic and never met the people who produced it and who knew how old it was. This is so much better!

30 fat eggs


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