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Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Atenas Restaurant

Today, six of us tried out the newly opened CC's Chinese International Restaurant and Bar. The directions are frente a la Plaza de Deportes de Barrio Los Angeles, Atenas, and the phone number is 2455-0221.

Sounds worse than it is. Head east on highway 3 from Atenas and bear left at the Boyero Statue instead of going to the usual right (well, usual to me as I'm normally heading off to San Jose or Alajuela). Turn left at the church (or the Alcoholics Anonymous sign, whatever triggers recognition in you).  Then just keep driving down that road until you see the soccer field on the right - the restaurant is on the left.

As is usual in Costa Rica, the restaurant is open sided to catch the breezes. We were there at 1:00 pm and there were a fair number of people in the restaurant so I think it will be a popular place to eat.

The menu is quite extensive and they also serve alcohol. Four of our group ordered the family combo for five, priced at 23,500 colones and this included spring rolls, chicken wings, pork ribs with sour sauce, home special noodles with oyster sauce, and a big bowl of jasmine rice. A nice touch was the extra spring roll the restaurant threw in so there was one for each of us. The noodle dish was a very generous size and it looked good. There was enough left over for a take-away.

Lance and I decided to order the salt and pepper shrimp - very good - came in a cast iron sizzling pan with assorted vegetables and the shrimp were large, fresh, with lots of salt and pepper. Caveat: don't ask for "prawns" in Costa Rica. I got a blank look - ask for "shrimp". Our second choice was the black pepper beef "in sizzling plate" - it came with lots of fresh vegetables and the sauce was tasty.

The shrimp choice was priced at 7,300 colones and the beef dish 6,500. Plenty for two, plus we ordered a bowl of rice.

We definitely will go back again.  I want to try the sauteed green mussels, the cashew shrimp in bird's nest (I'm hoping the "nest" will be made of taro or something similar), some of the fish offerings and the sweet corn with minced chicken broth caught my eye.

Tsing Tao Beer

Salt & Pepper Shrimp (#44)

Black Pepper Beef in Sizzling Plate (#62)

Pork Ribs with Sour Sauce (Family Combo for 5)

Jasmine Rice


Photolera Claudinha said...

Barry will be very happy, he love going for Chinese!! He'll be back May 16 - without me! I'm still waiting for naturalization :(

Diana said...

Sorry to hear you will be delayed. We'll take Barry for Chinese and tell you all about it!

Photolera Claudinha said...

I'd like that - in a masochistic sort of a way :))