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Friday, April 27, 2012

Climate Fair and Parade of the Boyeros, Atenas

This coming weekend in Atenas is the Climate Fair and the Parade of the Boyeros (oxcart drivers). This will be the first time we've seen the oxcarts so we are looking forward to it and I'll take lots of photos.

From Friday through to Sunday there will be many different activities held in the Parque Central de Atenas - DJ music, dancing, the boyero (oxcart driver) parade, food - something for everyone.

The oxcarts have a long and interesting history in Costa Rica.

Also on Sunday is the grand opening fiesta of CC's Chinese International Restaurant and Bar, in front of the  Plaza de Deportes (Sports Plaza) de Barrio Los Angeles. We're going to drop in here also because they are offering a special all day buffet and I just have to see what they will be offering!

Totally unrelated to all these activities, here is one of the sweet peppers growing in my little garden:

I picked it today - it had turned a lovely red shade.

And, finally, here is a nice spider that needs to be identified! It was on our patio.


Lizz said...

I'm pretty sure that's Charlie

Diana said...

Oh good - he's currently on his way back to you via FedEx!