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Monday, October 31, 2011

Atenas Taxi Drivers Are The Best!

Look what Mario, one of our taxi drivers, left at our gate today:

Banano, papaya y pina
(I am sorry - I have a Spanish keyboard but haven't figured out how to do the accent over the letter "n" in pina)

All local, all picked today. I love papaya - when it is ripe you can spread it on hot toast like it was jam. I also love this food trading that goes on in Costa Rica and so I'll have a bag of our oranges ready for Mario and his taxi driving partner Jorge.

While I'm on the subject of Atenas' taxi drivers, I was in Atenas today getting groceries, was ready to go home and got into a cab whose driver seemed to know me but I sure didn't recognize him. He knew where we lived and finally he said, "Diego" - it was the Diego of the lovely curly locks and he looked totally different! He had shaved off every bit of hair on his head. Not just a close cut number 3, but a harsh shave. If my Spanish was better, I would have loved to ask him what his momma and girlfriend thought of that.

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