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Friday, August 12, 2011

Freaky Giant Killer Toads

Okay, nature doesn't often throw me for a loop - I'm used to horses that step on our feet on purpose, or deliberately crush us against the stable walls just for fun. Dogs don't bite me, cats generally don't claw me, butterflies will land on my hand, cattle like me.

But the cane toads here are really scary! We already knew about the danger they pose to domestic pets - they secrete a poison that can kill an animal. One of our neighbors lost one of their three terriers to a cane toad and I've been warned about them by other Costa Rican friends.

As soon as the sun starts to set here, Genny is brought inside. She was staring intently at something near the fence line just before sunset today. I walked down to the fence and there was this giant toad sitting there. We scooped Genny up right away and brought her in, shut the doors. A few minutes later, Genny ran to the patio door meowing - looked out and that same giant cane toad was looking in at us!

He has shoulders as big as a linebacker's. He is like something out of those old time radio shows that freak me out - "X Minus 1".

So now I'm on edge thinking about those big toad eyes and the loud electrical storm we had this afternoon. I'm just going to go check the doors .....

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