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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Breakfast at El Balcón

We have had breakfast many times at El Balcón del Café y Bistro and it is always good. They also have lunch specials - check out the posted chalk board. You can also buy truly delicious cakes, pastries, sausages, bacon .....

El Balcón is owned by the very personable Melani and her staff is always friendly and helpful. They are located upstairs at Romacentro in Atenas Centro. Telephone 2446-8592.

Their omlette is really good ... loaded with all kinds of goodies. Sometimes we order an omlette and the French toast and then share. Lately, we've been having the cold mocha coffee drinks. Their hot coffee is excellent, very strong the way we like it.

Last Saturday, we went once more to El Balcón for breakfast. This time Lance ordered the Americano breakfast and I asked for the Tico breakfast. The Americano comes with a big plate of fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, and toast and the Tico with gallo pinto, plantano, cheese and eggs. All this for 6,500 colones ($13.00), not counting the tip we always leave.

It's nice sitting up on the second floor, looking down on Atenas, enjoying the tropical breezes and watching the world go by.

Cold mocha coffee drink.
Foreground: Tico breakfast, background Americano breakfast.
The view from El Balcón



  1. Love the El Balcón! Best bread in town, fabulous pastries and a sales point for excellent German style chacuterie (smoked ham, sausages & much more etc.). Melani's cakes are the best! They also serve & sell the outstanding 'Cosa Rica' handcrafted ice creams & sorbetes. Great place!!

  2. Oh, that's right - I should have mentioned the ice creams .... made right here in Atenas and so delicious. The cakes, yum.

  3. Is there an elevator at El Balcón?

    1. No elevator - just the stairs. There are no elevators anywhere in Atenas that I am aware of.

    2. I may have spoke in haste. My husband thinks there may be an elevator. I will check for you the next time we are in the building.

    3. Guess what? My husband found the elevator - but it appears it does not work. On the second floor, he found a door that opened right into the elevator shaft, with the car sitting on the main floor. They really ought to lock that door!

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