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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fine - Just See If I'll Ever Help YOU Again ...

Not ten minutes after I posted my heart warming blog entry yesterday about the baby clay colored thrushes we saved from certain doom, Lance told me there was only one in the nest!

Sure enough, we found the second one in a lantana bush a meter or two from the nest. We put it back in the nest, and the next one left .... we put that one back and they both left ....

Meanwhile, momma and poppa are telling the neighborhood that we're torturing the national bird of Costa Rica.

One baby hopped/fluttered out into the street, then into a drainage ditch where I followed. Don't do this - the drainage ditches here are enormous for a good reason - to handle the huge volumes of rain water after a tropical storm. This one was dry at least but I'm feeling the effects in my right leg today.

Neighbor Mike heard the commotion and offered this sage advice: "Let nature take it's course". What great advice, especially since I was overheating from baby bird wrangling. I mentally threw up my hands in defeat and wisely went inside for a cold shower.

Moral: Baby birds know when it is time for them to leave the nest.


  1. Thank you for a good laugh! Very vivid description, especially since I know where you live, so I can picture your save-the-babies campaign well. Waiting for the next installment ... please.

    1. Happy to provide a good laugh! We all need one at least once a day. I do not think there will be another bird installment - at least until they decide to nest again ... which might not be so far away - the wrens are acting strangely.

  2. Happens up here too with bird babies. The parents know where they are and will feed them on the ground and take them away to safety as well as putting them to sleep at night.