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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes! We Have Lots of Bananas ....

I just checked the berm wall and now there are 11 bananas! Here's a picture from two days ago when there were five:

Our gardener, José, has solved the mystery for us. He sighted straight up from the fallen bananas to our neighbor's property - they are at a higher elevation - and found a tree loaded with ripe bananas. He said the birds pick them and pointed out the claw marks in the fruit. But why they drop them in the same spot is still a mystery to me. They are all gradually being eaten.

They don't fall and roll down to us because there is a fence between the properties.

Always something interesting happening in this country.


  1. Have you considered selling gently used bananas at our Friday Market? :))

    1. Ha ha! So funny! On second thought, though - if I can get them soon after they fall, before the birds and bugs get to them .... hmmm .... "gently used" - I could undercut all the other banana sellers and I've already got banana pickers who don't charge anything ....

  2. .... and if all else fails, there's always banana bread to hawk!