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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Motmot Survival

For the last six days we have been having our house professionally cleaned, inside and out. But that will be another blog post.

However, the windows are now so clean that a blue crowned motmot (pájaro bobo here in Costa Rica) flew into one and seriously stunned himself. Our Cat was instantly interested and Lance was quick to shut him inside the house. I picked the bird up from the ground and put him on our hedge to, hopefully, recover. It took about 20 minutes before he seemed more alert. But our Cat was still interested in what was going on outside.

We decided to move the bird to a less periouslous perch so I moved him across the street to a neighbor's hedge, where he promptly flew away. Hurrah! I've never held a motmot in my hands before.

Here's the motmot on the ground shortly after hitting the window. You can see his gorgeous colours. What is missing is the rest of his lovely tail, which looks like a metronome.


Here he is recovering on our hedge:


Here is a link to more information about this lovely bird.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I had a hummingbird smash into my window the other day too, and recovered after being stunned. I didn't have to move it though, as I don't have a murderous cat that wants to eat it!

    1. Wow, hummers are so small it's a wonder it survived.

  2. Jocelyn and I LOVE Motmots..we have a couple that fly low down our road..a couple years back, a car ahead of me, raced around a corner and hit a Motmot..he didn't stop, but I died from its injuries while I was holding it..broke my heart, as they are such BEAUTIFUL birds, and have amazingly brilliant colors

    1. Sad story ... but thanks for stopping. I hit a swallow once, stopped and held it ... but it died.